Transforming urban food deserts to food oases

Urban Renewable Energy Efficient Farm


Gaia Gardens is a Renewable Energy Efficient Farm (REEF) design to grow healthy organic food. The REEF system utilizes proven aquaponic, aeroponic and hydroponic growing technologies installed in controlled environment greenhouses.

The greenhouses supplies fresh and highly nutritious organic leafy greens, herbs, and vegetables on a year-round basis, along with Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) for raising freshwater fish. These organically grown food products is marketed and sold directly to local restaurants, schools, and grocery stores.

Gaia Garden's Food Waste to Fresh Food Program recycles food waste collected from customers into renewable energy and fresh food. In return, the fresh food will be supplied back to new growth.


The clean carbon-negative energy will be in the form of biogas fuel to generate power, heating and cooling to run the Gaia Gardens facility to make it self-reliant. Thus, this advanced super-efficient food production facility can become a “Net Zero Energy” operation utilizing both the biogas energy with recycling of food wastes, water, nutrients and carbon along with additional solar power from an onsite PV solar panel energy.

Our Development

REEF Facility

Renewable Energy Efficient Farm with Aquaponics, Aeroponics & AgriFoodTech Innovation Center

Kitchen and Cafe

Enjoy dining at our locally sourced restaurant. Gaia Gardens also creates gourmet popcorn, tea, coffee and fresh salad

Food Production and Supply

On-site grocery store sells the fresh produce and provides fresh produce to local schools

Food Waste Recycling

Collect food excess from local schools /restaurants into nutrients for Gaia Gardens (Compost/Casting Tea)

Bridge The Gap

Gaia Gardens at The Bridge is a Renewable Energy Efficient Farm (REEF) facility designed as a large-scale vertically integrated aquaponics and aeroponics system for local fresh food production of vegetables, leafy greens, herbs and fish.

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